The Colors of Night


Before the adventure begins....

A small merchant craft with 4 adventurers and a handful of crew leaves a large busy port city for adventure on an island rumored to hide the relics and treasure of an ancient civilization – and the rough city that sprang up over the ruins. On the way they pick up a fifth adventurer from the island she grew up on – a Paladin, looking to bring goodness and order to the world.

The characters are:
Monely – A slightly eccentric human female fighter, talkative and quick to laugh and help those in need

Anett – A female druid of the ape like Hadozee (From Stormwrack), an adventurer at home on the open sea

Evol – Female drow, inspired to become a paladin of Heironeous like the elven family that raised her

Bek – Female Psychic warrior human, loud mouth and a joker, with a good heart but a bit too much fondness for shiny things.

Luna – Female elven scout, fairly quiet, served in the military in the port city but found there wasn’t enough variety for her.



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